Oh my, the Vine 2015


Sometimes in life, we just need to trust the path.  It is unknown and full of adventure and discovery, especially when we let it unfold in front of us. In 2009, the homebuilding industry especially in the Bay Area was facing many challenges.  I was set to attend PCBC, the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, and did […]

Life Lately: June & July 2015

After 18 years of hearing about Longport, we finally made the visit and it was totally worth it.

When you say you are going to write more, it is probably a good idea to actually take the time to write alas life lately has been well, busy and FUN! Apparently, I have been to busy having actual fun to write here, which is not such a bad thing to be honest.  I am […]

My Happiness Project


    In addition to getting back to blogging this summer, I have taken on a happiness project.  This happiness project is finding my own happiness. It is funny to me that the this post was saved as a draft back in 2012, so clearly this was something in my mind for quite a long […]

Lessons in Listening

Protecting Myself from Myself

Since Monday, I have been pretty quiet.  My tonsils have been needing to come out for awhile, but I finally anted up and got the bad boys remove.  It is a very good thing as one of them was abscessed.  You know it is bad, when you feel better the day you get them out […]

Ruining a Perfectly Healthy Recipe


I like to say that I am not vegetarian because I like bacon and not vegan because I like butter.  I tried to become vegetarian a few summers ago to level out my hormones.  Of course, then we got to France and I craved (and indulged in) steak tartare with reckless abandon. So I have […]

Love People.  Cook Them Good Food.


A post worth of deliciousness.  We were invited to a weekly neighborhood party for the first time last night.  Since we just got back from a trip, I have yet to go to the grocery store and yet I really wanted to make some good food for our first time to the party. Benefit of my […]

Travel Tips – Loyalty Pays Off

We may or may not be ridiculously big Marriott fans.  Quite honestly, I cannot remember where we first stayed at Marriott, but I remember how we became loyalists of Marriott – D traveled for business quite frequently early in our marriage. While having him gone often was less than fun and I really would not […]


No more Mr. Nice Guy :-)

It is funny to go back thru my post drafts and try to recall what I was considering writing about at that time. The title was the only part of this post that was a “draft.”  It was originally put into drafts in November of 2013, so I suspect it had something to do with the […]

Live in the sun…


“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson Our life lately has been finding joy in many of the ways of Mr. Emerson’s famous quote.  It is hard to hide our smiles from the gorgeous weather in Arizona lately.  We even had a rain storm last week that was […]

Home Cooked Monday

Delicious cauliflower soup with creme fraiche and chopped tomatoes.

This weekend involved a bit more running around than usual, so it felt good to have a Monday night in. I like to tear recipes out of magazines when they sound good.  This recipe for Cauliflower Soup with Creme Fraiche came from the Wall Street Journal.  Now a financial paper may not be your first […]